About us


We’re a boutique in Prague where we share our endless passion and excitement for handcrafts, designs with affordable prices. We believe that handmade is very precious and unique and has to be appreciated more in our time. We love objects, pieces that already have a story behind them such as our kilim pillows. We get excited every time we see a unique, handmade kilim pillow with an Anatolian tradition of tapestry weaving. Because we know that Anatolian women expressed many of their feelings by weaving rugs. So these feelings passed over generations. What could be more precious and exciting than this?

In our store, you might find and old kilim pillow that was made years ago in a village in Turkey and a cup newly made in Cappadocia, at the same time. You will see the beauty in every pieces that was touched by a caring craftsperson.

You will come up with the best gift ideas at the end of the day. 

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If you're interested in a business or would like more information on the wholesale services we offer, please e-mail us: gunescoban@gmail.com